Cake Pricing

6″ Cakes                 Servings  6-10                                        £35

8″ Cakes                 Servings 10-15                                        £40

10″ Cakes                Servings 12-18                                        £50

12″ Cakes                Servings 14-25                                        £60

These are the basic price for a round or square sponge cake,

Cakes cut to a shape will cost more

Cake designs which have several figures or difficult detail would be more

All cakes have 3 layers of sponge


8” Square                                                                £25

10” Square                                                                £30

12” Square                                                                £40

On a board/boxed, with piped buttercream and a photo on top

Cake Flavours

Victoria Sponge                 

Layered Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla sponges filled with Strawberry or seedless raspberry jam and buttercream

Vanilla sponge 

Chocolate chip buttercream

Choc Fudge

Layers of chocolate fudge sponge can be filled with:

chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream, chocolate chip buttercream, Cinder toffee Buttercream, chocolate malteser buttercream or Caramel Buttercream

Chocolate sponge 

layered with Ferrero nutella


Layers of chocolate sponge caramel sauce and chocolate buttercream

Choc Orange

Layered Chocolate Orange sponge – each layer is filled with little chunks of Terrys’ chocolate orange pieces and smooth chocolate orange


Delicious moist coffee cake with walnut buttercream or coffee buttercream


Zesty Lemon sponge layered with curd and Sicilian lemon frosting


Almond sponge layered with seedless raspberry jam and almond buttercream

Caramel Dream

Sweet Caramel sponge layered with delicious salted caramel centre & caramel buttercream

Caramel Sponge

Layered with Maple pecan buttercream